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A Revolutionary New Breed of Instruments

Actuated Medical's line of piezoelectric ultrasonic motors and devices allows the operation of instruments and equipment in or near the magnetic fields of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) suites. These technologies enable surgical procedures under MRI guidance providing surgeons with the most precise imaging available.

Using a high torque piezoelectric ultrasonic motor has distinct advantages. It allows devices to:

  • Work in or near MRIs.

  • Be much smaller and more efficient than their electromagnetic counterparts.

  • Precisely control performance, speed, rotation direction and torque via closed loop electronic control.

  • Exhibit high stall torque, reducing or eliminating gear requirements altogether.

Our goal is to develop an entire line of innovative devices that will enable diagnostic, treatment and surgical procedures to be conducted under MRI guidance.

Direct Drive Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors

Piezoelectric materials exhibit controlled, microscopic motions
at ultrasonic frequencies. In Actuated Medical's Direct Drive
Motor, the piezoelectric element driven at optimum voltage in-
duces a traveling wave that rotates the motor in a controlled,
precise motion. The piezoelectric elements are combined with
non–magnetic metal components to form the MRI–compatible

Our technology platform allows motors to be designed and
built in a variety of sizes and performance levels supplying
sufficient stall torque, holding torque, force and speed to
enable a wide range of applications:

  • Infusion/dosing pumps

  • Patient temperature management

  • Contrast delivery

  • Patient monitoring

  • Surgical and diagnostic instrumentation

  • Interventional robotics for the operating room

All motors are built on a platform that:

  • Incorporates a high torque / low speed output ideal for direct drive implementation – this eliminates complex, expensive and energy consuming gear trains.

  • Is 100% non–magnetic – this enables use in telecommunications, MRI–compatibility and other electromagnetic sensitive applications.

  • Allows the motor to securely hold position when not in use – this eliminates the need to integrate a brake/clutch system or stopping mechanism.

  • Motors are quieter and smaller than equivalent electromagnetic motors and gear systems.

Actuated Medical is interested in working with you to solve your motor needs. Please email or call 814-355-0003 x117 for more information.

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