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Fully Functional Models in 3D

For companies ready to move their devices and
products from the virtual model stage to a three-
dimensional working prototype, Actuated Medical
offers excellent options. Using our state-of-the-art,
in-house equipment, we can design, manufacture,
test, and assemble all the components for a fully
functional prototype. Once the specifications are in
place, Actuated Medical can provide clients and
partners with working prototypes of devices and
components within 24 hours.

Actuated Medical Prototyping Equipment Includes:

  • Makerbot Rapid Prototyping 3-D Printer - Builds up prototype designs from ABS plastic using an FDM process in five different colors. Parts can be imported and made directly from SolidWorks CAD files.

  • Hardinge CNC Lathe - Allows production-quality and precision prototypes to be manufactured on site. Also used for production runs of some components.

  • Pick-and-Place Machine - Enables assemblers to fabricate small, high-quality components such as printed circuit boards.

  • Roland MDX-40A Milling Machine - Produces prototypes out of a wide variety of materials such as ABS, Delrin, HDPE, aluminum, and brass. Unlike other rapid prototyping processes, this system produces high quality surface finishes and completely functional parts.

  • Atrump E216 Maxi-Mill CNC Machining Center - A 7.5 HP vertical machining center with 16 position automatic tool changer, this machining center enables high quality engineering prototypes to be made quickly in-house as well as production on low to moderate quantities.

  • Electronics Testing and Analysis Equipment - Offers prototype evaluation and characterization and allows for quick improvements and optimization before mass production.

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