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Outsourced R&D for an OEM

The Challenge

An OEM wanted to better understand the actuation mechanism and the electronic interface of a supplier-provided component. Without internal expertise in piezoelectric devices and/or control systems, they needed to outsource their R&D to a company with both. They searched for the right partner and selected Actuated Medical for three reasons: our expertise in piezoelectric devices, our FDA-compliant quality system, and our central location.

Our Approach

After meeting with the OEM and discussing the actuation challenge, we drafted a project proposal for developing a component for the OEM's system. The proposal outlined our seven-stage systematic design approach that is integral to Actuated Medical's FDA compliant quality system. It included generation of design history files, tracking of verification & validation testing, and creating reports formatted for an FDA market clearance application.

Actuated Medical designed the device using finite element modeling. Prototype devices were built and tested, followed by a design review. The next task optimized the design by further refining the performance. Our final task was to assure product quality by pilot manufacturing under design controls.

The Results

The component we developed for the OEM system exceeded torque and speed requirements, which led to its being optimized to fit the system electronics. Actuated Medical has been engaged to manufacture the product for the OEM.

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