Partners for Patients

The scientists, engineers and product development specialists at Actuated Medical are experts in both designing new medical devices and improving existing product lines. Using Innovative Motion®, we create safe, precise, and effective medical devices and components—all of which are designed, tested, and manufactured under an ISO-certified quality control system.

Medical device companies seeking a partner to help develop new products or improve existing lines choose Actuated Medical because of our track record of working successfully with clinicians to integrate real-world function and design considerations in the medical devices we develop. We move products through the FDA 510(k) approval process very early, helping our partners deliver market-ready products quickly. Depending on the needs of our partners, we can match the proposed project with an appropriate funding opportunity such as a government SBIR grant. Actuated Medical offers medical device partners a full-service, problem-to-solution, R&D and manufacturing process—all of which is guided by approved ISO standards.

Actuated Medical partner services include:

+ Research and Development

+ Design, Modeling, and Materials Selection

+ Prototyping

+ Manufacturing

When you partner with Actuated Medical, your investment risk is minimal because all of our services—from R&D to manufacturing—are in-house. We do the early proof-of-concept work and then navigate a product through the early stages of development using SBIR program funds. You act as our true partner, providing experience and market presence to commercialize the end-products.

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