Innovative Technology for
Positive Patient Outcomes

Actuated Medical was formed in 2006 with
a mission to use motion technologies to
improve medical devices. In the intervening years, the company's innovations have spa-
wned an entirely new generation of instru-
ments and devices. Today, the company foc-
uses on state–of–the art, minimally invasive
instruments for clearing occlusions, penetrat-
ing bone and tissue, and enabling the emer-
ging MRI–guided surgical procedure industry.

Central Pennsylvania –– Access to Innovation

With an abundance of engineering expertise, a highly skilled workforce and outstanding facilities, Actuated Medical is ideally located in Central Pennsylvania. This venue allows for convenient interaction with clinicians and researchers from Hershey Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and George Washington University.

Exceptional Team

From the start, Actuated Medical built a diverse team of experts in engineering, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, grant/proposal writing, patent procurement and intellectual property protection. Currently our staff includes a wide variety of professionals with top-notch education and training:

  • Ph.D. – Materials, Nursing and Biomedical Engineering

  • M.S. – Embedded Systems Engineering

  • B.S. – Electromechanical, Mechanical, Industrial, Biomedical, Information Systems and Finance

  • A.E.T. – Associate in Engineering Technology

To complement our team, we recruited an outstanding Medical Advisory Board to advise on device design, engineering challenges and clinical issues. Ultimately, the board helps ensure our devices are supported by clinicians and well suited for practical use.

One key to the company's success is our culture. Our entire team works hard, takes personal responsibility and embraces every challenge. We believe this excerpt from our Quality Policy expresses it best:

We, the employees of AMI are striving to improve patient outcomes by designing the next generation of innovative and advanced medical devices. Safety, effectiveness, continuous improvement, and regulatory compliance of our products is our focus. Exceeding customer expectations is our driving force. We are maintaining the effectiveness of our QMS through our quality objectives.

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