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Applying our Proven 7-Stage Process
Actuated Medical Contract Services 7-Stage Business Approach

What differentiates our Contract Services from others?

We are experts in…

Tissue Dynamics & Insertion

Acoustic Design & Devices

Electronics & Software Development

3D Printing & Manufacturing

Contract Services at Actuated Medical specializes in taking medical device ideas to market – from start to finish. Our proven, 7-Stage Approach helps get your product on the market as quickly as possible. Plus, our process makes it possible for us to accommodate small or varying quantities giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Our team of leading experts is there to help every step of the way, from initial investigation and feasibility through production.

From Idea to Market

+ Highly innovative, engaged engineering and scientific team

+ FDA registered Pennsylvania facility built to move quickly from prototype to production

+ Over 20,000 sq. ft. available for manufacturing including customer equipment in PA

+ Accomplished patent generators

+ Versed in the US Government grant process to support prototype and small to mid-level manufacturing


Our Exceptionally Skilled Team Includes

+ Electrical, mechanical and biomedical engineering

+ Neuroscience, physiology and materials science

+ Machinists & Engineering technicians

+ Engineering staff familiar with Mil-specs, Source Approval Request (SAR) and rigorous testing approaches and reporting

+ Clinical Advisory Board with large breadth and depth of clinical knowledge


Case studies

Entrepreneur with clinical need

Physician with a patent

Startup with tissue deformation problem

Startup with an engineering problem

What Can we do for you?

Our contract services apply our proven 7-stage approach…
Detailed 7-stages of product development

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