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Types of Available Face Shields

Reinforced Face Shield, 2 Sizes

The Standard face shield fit most adults and the child-size face shields fits young elementary students (see sizing chart below).

Hard Hat Face Shield Attachment

Specialized face shield attachment that connects to most hard hats via tabs that insert into the hat’s side mounts further secured with an elastic strap. It includes rivets to allow shield to flip up when needed. (Hard hat not included.)

Football Helmet Face Shield Attachments

Specialized face shield attachments for football helmets. Variety of slots enable attachment to most football helmet types and sizes. (Football helmet not included.)

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"This face shield is more comfortable than wearing a mask. I forget I’m wearing it…which prevents me from touching my face. After wearing it, I remove it, wipe it with disinfectant and it is ready for the next day."
-- Gwen Callahan, High School Math Teacher



Actuated Medical Face Shields

Face coverings, such as face shields, help minimize respiratory droplet contact between people. Compared to face masks, face shields enable people to see one another’s facial expressions while minimizing accidental face touching.

With 4 available models, Actuated Medical face shields provide nose, mouth and eye coverage for a wide range of users and settings (e.g., first responders, schools, manufacturing).






"Being in the healthcare field for over 15 years I have had the opportunity to utilize many different variations of face shields. Actuated Medical recently gave me one to use during the Covid-19 pandemic. Right out of the box, you can see the quality and workmanship that goes into their shields. This shield is by far the most durable I have ever seen. It reduces the amount of fogging so I can see clearly to perform patient care. Most of the other shields I have used constantly fog and limit my visibility resulting in a safety issue. The Actuated Medical shield has the perfect wrap around design that not only protects my face from exposure, but doesn’t impede my movement. It also allows room for my N95 and goggles underneath with plenty of room to spare. The headband provides all day comfort and support and is adjustable as needed. At the end of the day, the shield is easy to decontaminate and leaves no residue or streaks from cleaning it. If you want comfort, protection, durability and peace of mind, you can’t go wrong with the Actuated Medical face shield."
-- Scott Packer, Healthcare Professional at Centre LifeLink EMS


What do experts have to say about face shields?


Click here to download additional information and scientific research regarding face shield use.




Actuated Medical Face Shield Technical Information (click image to download)

Benefits of Face Shields compared to cloth masks

Face Shields protect eyes, nose and mouth

Face Shield Informational Sheet

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Reinforced Face Shield Assembly Instructions

Football Helmet Face Shield Information Sheet

Football Helmet Face Shield Attachment Instructions

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"I can see everything clearly, I don’t have my vision impaired by the cloth covering my nose and rubbing below my eyes. Hands free solution, I don’t have to constantly adjust my mask so that it stays over my nose. It’s great to be able to talk and see the person’s face and expressions when they use these masks. I don’t constantly have to remove my mask so that my face can breathe! The cloth makes my face sweat and not to mention issues they cause when my nose runs. My ears thank you! Having the cord around my ears hours on end was getting painful. Now I don’t have anything rubbing against my ears or the rest of my face."
-- Eric, Executive



These face shields have not been FDA cleared or approved. The face shields have been authorized by FDA under an EUA for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment, and are only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances justifying the authorization of emergency use under Section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 USC 360bbb-3(b)(1) unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner.

Actuated Medical, Inc. does not make any claims of safety or effectiveness of this product for any intended use.

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