Innovative Medical Devices for Better Health

We strive to improve patient outcomes by designing the next generation of innovative and advanced medical devices.

Transforming patient care by incorporating Innovative Motion® into our devices.

GripTract-GI™ Manipulator

This single-use device connects to the distal end of an endoscope without occupying the working channel. It assist clinicians with optical visualization, diagnosis, and endoscopic treatment.

TubeClear® System

A FDA cleared device to clear sluggish and clogged indwelling feeding tubes at bedside and in minutes. Learn more about how this device could make clogging a never event.

Actuated Neuroscience™

This division of Actuated Medical works to create innovative research tools for better neural data. Learn more about our cutting-edge inventions including the NeuralGlider® Inserter.

Hearing Patient Stories is Our Driving Force

TubeClear was of great value to my family with the set of circumstances that my dad’s medical condition presented. It prevented hospitalization, delirium, and the resulting deconditioning that had occurred under these circumstances previously.

Alan Kotik

Son of a TubeClear Patient, Boston, MA

I feel more in charge of my healthcare now that I have the TubeClear System at home. This allows me to focus on the rest of my day.

Home-use TubeClear Consumer

Baltimore, MD

Creating a Difference for our Customers

TubeClear has been a great tool for the care of both our inpatient and outpatient enteral feed patients. Whereas we used to spend exorbitant amounts of time trying to clear clogged tubes, we now can clear them in a minute or two. Easy, intuitive and functional – the perfect combination.

Jim Mercer, RN, BSN

Veteran Affairs Salt Lake City Health Care System

The NeuralGlider Inserter helped us to get a better outcome for our DBS-fMRI study. The micro-vibration really reduced impact resistance during implantation of flexible probe as well as chronic glial cell formation, so that we could get higher accuracy of electrode placement and reliable stimulation-induced hemodynamic responses from fMRI.

Sung-Ho Lee & Hyeon-Joong Aiden Kim

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

TubeClear is a not only a great tool to successfully clear occluded feeding tubes when standard interventions have failed, but it also ensures efficient and safe patient care by preventing the need for multiple tube placements, as well as reducing nursing or physician time required in replacements.

Jesse James & Amber Hellstrom

Nutrition Support Dietitians, Williamson Medical Center, Franklin, TN

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