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NeuralGlider Neural Implant Inserter

Reduces insertion trauma and improves placement accuracy of penetrating neural implants.

The NeuralGlider Inserter
The TubeClear System_ Feeding Tube Clearing System Logo

Clear sluggish and clogged feeding tubes while the feeding tube remains in the patient at bedside.

The TubeClear System
GentleSharp A More Humane Blood Sampling System

Allows greater sampling success while minimizing subject distress in animal studies.

GentleSharp Device


GripTract_GI Endoscopic Tissue Manipulator

For over 16 million Americans grappling with neurological conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s, and paralysis, a groundbreaking solution is on the horizon to lost restore function. Brain computer implants hold the promise of restoring lost function. But they have a major challenge because the human body treats these implants as foreign bodies which triggers a response that limits the implant’s working lifetime. Actuated Medical’s innovative SonoShield™ Defender uses precisely engineered sound waves to help minimize this foreign body response. Early testing is demonstrating the promise of SonoShield Defender to extend implant working lifetime.

GripTract_GI Endoscopic Tissue Manipulator

Improve visualization and increase accuracy in high risk colonoscopies.

GripTract-GI Endoscopic Tissue Manipulator
BabyGentleStick Heel Stick Helper

Reduces neonatal pain and stress responses during heel sticks.

BabyGentleStick Heel Stick Helper with Lancet
IntelliNeedle Epidural

Reduces insertion force for improved clinician control through tough tissues.

IntelliNeedle Epidural
OsteoAccess Enabling Angled Bone Entry

Improves sample volume, quality, and access.

OsteoAccess Enabling Angled Bone Entry
TumorSite CNB Tissue Edge Identifier

Photoacoustic aided core needle biopsy collection system.

TumorSite Tissue Edge Identifier
BleedClear Endoscopic Clot Clearing System

Allows for quicker and more effective removal of coagulated blood masses during upper GI bleed treatments.

BleedClear Endoscopic Clot Clearing System
GentleClear Endotracheal Suction Catheter

Reduce negative impact in neonatal endotracheal tube suctioning.

GentleClear Endotracheal Suction Catheter
GentleDispense_Needle Free Drug Delivery

Increase patient treatment compliance by eliminating injection pain and associated apprehension.

GentleDispense Needle Free Drug Delivery
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