About Us

Our Company

Actuated Medical is represented on the following boards:

AdvaMed Advanced Medical Technology Association
Advamed Accel
LifeSciencesPA (LSPA)


We exist to serve the greater good – using technology to do good for patients of the world

In 2006, while sitting in a doctor’s office talking about micro-actuators, the doctor said, “I have 6 hours to get to the blood clot or my patient will have irreparable brain damage.  I need a solution.”  That was it… there was a market need for an agile small business with actuation expertise focused on improving patient outcomesAnd thus, Actuated Medical was born with a mission to integrate motion into medical devices to improve outcomes.  Our tag line, “Innovative Motion + Positive Outcomes”, describes what we do.

At the heart of it all is our people


Our team is instrumental in the collaborative culture that we believe in. Their breadth and depth of knowledge are instrumental in our success.

Board of Directors 

Our BOD brings significant MedTech commercialization expertise that we greatly value. Consistent meetings and availability for counsel have greatly helped us grow throughout the years.

Medical Advisory Board 

Our MAB brings a myriad of scientific expertise to our team. Ultimately, the MAB helps ensure our devices will be supported by clinicians and researchers and well suited for practical use.


Actuated Medical partners with many world-renowned academic and clinical partners. Actuated holds Board seats on several industry leading organizations.

Intellectual Property

Actuated Medical owns 25 US and 14 international patents and 8 trademarks. In addition, we have over 20 patent applications pending.


Actuated Medical is certified ISO 13485, MDSAP compliant, and certified Woman Owned Small Business. In addition Actuated is FDA Registered.


Actuated Medical is the recipient of many awards including multiple SBA Tibbetts Awards for SBIR excellence. Check them out below.