BELLEFONTE, PA, August 3, 2023 – Actuated Medical is excited to announce the introduction of the TubeClear Online Training Course, now available at The TubeClear System, a patented medical device, helps Healthcare Practitioners maintain indwelling feeding tubes. These tubes play a crucial role in delivering life sustaining medication, nutrition, and hydration to patients who are unable to tolerate oral feedings due to conditions such as brain injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or stroke.

Recognizing the time constraints faced by healthcare professionals, Actuated Medical developed the TubeClear Online Training Course. The course equips Practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the TubeClear system within a shorter timeframe. By doing so, Practitioners can maintain patients’ feeding tubes so that their life sustaining medication, nutrition, and hydration are delivered without disruptions, as prescribed.

“Actuated Medical’s team strives to improve patient outcomes with innovative medical devices. Our TubeClear system has been used by early Practitioner adopters for about 10 years, with no adverse events reported. This online training will expand the number of TubeClear proficient Practitioners beyond early adopters, leading to more effectively managed feeding tubes for a greater number of patients. This will result in improved outcomes for feeding tube patients,” expressed Maureen L. Mulvihill, PhD., Actuated Medical President, CEO, and Co-founder and TubeClear System Co-inventor.

Since 2013, the TubeClear System has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in clearing sluggish and clogged feeding tubes, surpassing the performance of competing solutions in terms of speed and efficacy. The online training course covers aspects of the device and its functionality plus the setup procedures. The training allows Practitioners to train at a time convenient to them. Upon successful completion of the training course, Practitioners will receive a certificate recognizing their commitment to advancing their expertise in feeding tube management. The certificate can be given to the Practitioner’s institution as verification of training completion.

For more information on the TubeClear Training Course, please visit: