The Challenge

A startup needed a Faceshield that would integrate with their reusable N95 respirator design.

Our Approach

Actuated Medical’s engineers worked with the startup to understand their N95 respirator design.  Using our rapid prototyping facility, our engineers developed a design using 3D printed components.  The face shield’s 3D printed parts enable the face shield to be moved in and out from the face and also to be flipped up.  The design also enabled face shields to be quickly removed and changed. Due to the cost of 3D printed parts, Actuated Medical conducted cost analysis and time studies between 3D vs injection molded parts to streamline and reduce manufacturing costs.

The Results

Actuated has manufactured the first lot of face shields.

“Throughout our working relationship, we have been extremely impressed with their engineering quality, knowledge of the prototyping and manufacturing space, and ability to move quickly from innovation through small-scale manufacturing.”

-Doug Clift, COO

Canopy, Inc.