FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:    December 6, 2011

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STATE COLLEGE, PA – A Bellefonte-based company, Actuated Medical, Inc., donated $5,000 to Penn State’s School of Nursing’s Center for Nursing Research. The money will be used to enhance the activities of the Center for Nursing Research which was established in February, 2011. The Center serves as the coordinating body for all of the school’s research activity and offers faculty resources and support in all stages of the process from proposal design to project completion.

Maureen Mulvihill, Ph.D. , President of Actuated Medical, who has been routinely interacting with the Center’s Director as well as assistant professors, commented, “It’s been such a pleasure working with the faculty members from the Penn State School of Nursing. Their patient-focused expertise and knowledge has assisted our engineers in developing innovative product designs that will be easy to use.”

The company, which designs medical devices that improve clinical care and patient outcomes through the incorporation of motion technologies, concentrates on the development of state-of-the art, minimally invasive instruments for clearing occlusions, penetrating bone, and enabling the emerging MRI-guided surgical procedure industry. Actuated Medical has been able to attract a world-class team of experts in engineering, regulatory affairs, grant and proposal drafting, patent procurement, and intellectual property protection.

Operating just a few miles from Penn State University, Actuated Medical’s location allows for convenient interaction with other clinicians and researchers as well, including those from Hershey Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and George Washington University.

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Located in Bellefonte, AMI is an ISO 13485:2003, 14971:2007 and WBE certified medical device development and manufacturer specializing in the integration of piezoelectric and other smart actuation technologies into medical devices. AMI’s innovative devices enable improved procedural outcomes resulting in improved patient quality of life.